Hip flexors are the muscles that help you every day to do every day things like bending forward, raising your knee and pushing back when you need to walk a little faster.

Many of us spend countless hours sitting at a desk, driving, or watching TV.  During these sedentary activities our hip flexor muscles are contracted and become tight.  Over time, our muscles lose flexibility and shorten, putting your lower back at risk and restricting your general movement.  Regular stretching of our hip flexor muscles helps us to maintain our flexibility and mobility for every day living.

Watch this short demonstration on how you stretch your Hamstring Hip Flexor while stretching out at StretchTime.

At StretchTime you can stretch your hip flexors with comfort and convenience while feeling the immediate benefits from giving those muscles the stretch that they have been waiting for all day while you have been stuck in traffic or behind the desk for most of the day!  By using the Eccentromax machines, designed by the founder of StretchTime, you are in total control of your stretch.  With regular stretching, you will find that for every day activities that you are moving more easily, with great flexibility and mobility.

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