Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you may have before coming to StretchTime

Why should I join StretchTime?

StretchTime is

  • Affordable – a month’s membership at StretchTime is about half the price of a single physio therapist session.
  • Convenience – after your initial training you can visit StretchTime, anytime, 24/7
  • Knowledge – at StretchTime we teach you which stretches to use customised to your personal needs.
How long do I need to stretch?

This will depend on your goals and current flexibility.  Each session should be between 30-50 minutes and this should be done at least once a week to see reasonable results

Will going to StretchTime hurt?

No.  StretchTime uses specially designed equipment which puts you in complete safety and control of your stretches. You will trained by a highly qualified stretch specialist on how to use the machine for the exercises chosen for you.

How does stretching reduce pain?

Stretching removes imbalance around joints and particularly around the pelvis.  The pelvis is the base of the spine and all of your vertebrae, disc and nerves and spinal column rely on it being aligned properly to prevent injuries.  Stretching of muscles particularly the hip felxor, hamstring and gluteal muscles allow the pelvis to get back to its neutral state.

Will this fix lower back pain?

Yes.  Research has shown that by stretching muscles around the pelvis will reduce lower back pain.  There are 5 muscle groups that need to be in balance- HipFlexors, Gluteal, Hamstrings, Long Adductors and IllioPsoas muscle.  We identify imbalances and treat these.  Importantly we explain this to you so you know how to be in control and maintain pain free life