The Back Story to StretchTime

... how a pain in the back created an innovative approach to stretching ...

Mick Kane, the instigator behind StretchTime – the world’s first 24/7 stretching center – is also the inventor of the Eccentromax benches that you will find at the StretchTime Centers.

Mick suffered back injury while competing as a grinder in the Americas Cup. Physiotherapists used Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) as a means to cure his back pain. It worked so well Mick enrolled in a Master’s Degree to study this technique further.  He looked for a machine that would allow him to perform partner stretching “without a partner”.  As he couldn’t find one, he designed his own!

With over 30 years involvement in the Fitness Industry, Mick is passionate about not only developing equipment to make it easier for people to achieve the benefits of flexibility, but to make the experience accessible and affordable.  After years of experimentation, design and training, Mick is excited to launch StretchTime – the culmination of his years of innovation and passion to bring the benefits of stretching to any body.