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innovation in assisted stretching

Mick Kane has developed  a new approach to achieving flexibility fitness training.

Integrated Stretch Training ™ is based on combining and refining multiple methods of training over 19 years of research and development.

This method allows you to use the stretch reflex and the machines he designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles at the same time.

Each stretch engages pairs of muscles, which helps improve body balance and get faster results

You are in total control and comfort using Integrated Stretch Training (IST), Mick designed specialised training benches

Mick’s mission is to bring the benefits of flexibility training to everybody as he did while recovering from back pain.  He designed the equipment to be simple to  use by all levels, from children, aged, rehabilitation to elite athletes, martial artists and even ballet dancers.

StretchTime is also the affordable option for everyone to gain the benefits of this new approach to “gaining flexibility.”

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